A Dorchester County Scrapbook:  "That Reminds Me of a Story" 


"Congratulations . .  .you have a love for the rich heritage and history of Dorchester County. Thank you for the time and effort you put into helping to preserve the wonderful 'stories' of times past for future generations. . . ."

—Senator Richard F. Colburn


A Dochester County Scrapbook, co-written with Terry White, provides readers with a user-friendly Eastern Shore history. Over two hundred illustrations are interspersed with personal stories from long-time residents, prompting the book’s subtitle, “That Reminds Me of a Story.”
An image of life on the isolated, pre-bridge Eastern Shore emerges from the prose as vividly as from the pictures in Scrapbook. Storytellers include businessmen, crabpickers, decoy carvers, watermen and waterwomen, a freighting captain, farmer, and boatbuilder. Photos include a chapter of box camera shots taken by the late Captain C. Calvert Evans, who shared his collection, which dates back to childhood aboard his father's schooner, sailing freight up and down the Chesapeake Bay.



"Ann Foley and Terry White have given local history heart and soul with this book that combines personal stories, memories, and photographs of life that once-was in Dorchester County. Thorough research and fresh material make for great reading and will educate 'new-comers' and delight long-time residents about life on the Eastern Shore."

 —Brice Stump, The Daily Times

Author, Working Skipjacks of Deal Island


"Ann Foley and Terry White have captured the spirit of a time and place when Dorchester County was wild, beautiful, and isolated. With pictures and interviews of people who lived it, A Dorchester County Scrapbook is must-read for anyone who loves the Eastern Shore. I read it from cover to cover, studied the photos and really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much I read it again."

—Helen Chappell Author, Oysterback Tales


"The pictures are wonderful and the stories are treasures."

—Christina Vickers