Elliott's Island: The Land That Time Forgot

". . . superbly written in the clear concise style which won a Nobel Prize for Ernest Hemingway. . . Every library from Maine to Florida should have a copy."

—P. J. Wingate, Author, Bandages of Soft Illusion and Before the Bridge



Before the world discovered the Eastern Shore of Maryland, each isolated hamlet was distinct. On a Saturday night, as busloads of shoppers poured into downtown Cambridge, an observant bystander watching them unload could guess which came from Hoopers Island or Taylors Island or Elliotts Island.

Nowadays, with a car in every garage, and more and more houses linked to the World Wide Web, rivulet and mainstream have co-mingled. Small communities are rapidly losing their special characteristics.

Until the 1990s, Elliott Islanders were linked to folks "up on land" by a one-lane causeway that wound across thousands of acres of tidal marsh. At that time, A. M. Foley and Fred Waller, aided by recollections of countless neighbors, began five years of recording the way of life on the island during generations of isolation.

The Chesapeake Bay Program recommends this on its short list of suggested histories.


"A wonderful job...charming and evocative."

—Helen Chappell, Author, Oysterback Tales

"Elliott Island is at the end of a thread that weaves natural patterns into art, small talk into poetry, and joy into living."

—Geoffrey M. Footner, Author, The Last Generation and Tidewater Triumph

"Wonderful book . . . beautifully written.  I found myself turning pages without noticing . . .Great praise also to Katie Slattery for an unusual and eye-catching piece of book production.  One day I may use it as a model for a project, a delicate form of flattery."

—Michael O'Donnell, Tipperary Historical Society, Republic of Ireland

"What the Island got out of this project was a golden goose—the first book ever on the history of one of the county's most remote communities . . .Ghosts of the past live again, as though time stood still."

—Brice Stump, Author, The Skipjacks of Deal Island

"I'm almost too excited to eat.  This book brought the past back to life.  It's wonderful."

—Capt. C. Calvert Evans, Cambridge, Maryland

"It is wonderful .The authors have captured the charm, wit, architecture and history of the islanders and I highly recommend it."   

—Debby Moxey, Dorchester Genealogy Magazine

". . . there were a few tears and some good laughs."  

—Anna Aird, Ingram, Texas